Viscous amber
seeping through your fishing net,
silvered leaves, your portrait;
Somber currency
like blood-won gold and harvests.
Sweet poultice
oozing over my hurt,
this honey, drawn by your hands
from the great thrum of wings and poison,
kind to our
in a way no other spread
can sweeten our downfall.

Auriferous pools
around our wilting necks, Pablo,
you never filtered this yellow effluence
of your secret ocean.
I can taste Chilé
rivers and men
in its lush heaves.
I can touch
the provenant lilies,
generous anthers
spilling dust
over the black spindles,
the footsteps of bees
come to take
their wisp of embaument
and birth.

Inspired by the works of Pablo Neruda, particularly his use of honey as a motif. 


8 thoughts on “Miel

      • Likewise thank you for “auriferous” which is new to me. Although I wish I had paused to try and work it out before I looked it up, something I need to do more often. I knew that ‘ferous’ means to bear or bring from ‘luciferous’ which is related to ‘lucifer’ meaning ‘bringer of light’ or ‘light bearer’. The planet Venus is called Lucifer when it rises in the morning, as it rises just before the Sun and ‘brings light’. And because if this connection the Sun is now called ‘Aurifer’, but just in my world.

        Isn’t etymology brilliant.

        Liked by 1 person

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