Hold on till May

Hello dear hearts,

I hope it’s alright by you if I give a bit of a personal update, which does hold relevance for the typical content of this blog. Recently I’ve been posting increasingly sparingly, sometimes erratically taking pieces down within the hour they go up. Or days will go by during which the most I transcribe is lecture notes, and this is so uncharacteristic that it truly unsettles me. There’s a plurality of possible reasons behind this, namely that I bit off more than I can chew taking two honors courses in one 18 hour semester, or that all-nighters and a long history of insufficient/poor health choices are taking their toll, or (most likely) that Michaela just doesn’t have a grip on things like she should.

I used to wake up at 7 so that I could write contentedly until my first class at 10, and spend said class with a blank document open for notes, that more often than not are a mélange of test information and creative writing. Lately, with a spate of final essays, work, and volunteer commitments, it’s been a matter of practicing the noble art of getting by. What I do write these days is indubitably sub-standard (there’s no implicit expectation for a contradiction; I merely know when I’m satisfied with a poem and I am so rarely satisfied these days), and often reactionary to whatever is happening in the week. Thus the pieces become too close, too personal, and (as it was recently pointed out to me by another writer) incomprehensible.

Because of this, I’m putting this site on hiatus until the end of the semester in a few weeks. There’s a maelstrom of things to take care of in the interim between now and my two weeks of summer break, which do include some very happy events: preparing to study for a year at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest in France, writing a term paper I’m enthusiastically enraptured in researching, and finishing the year alongside some of the brightest, most tender-hearted humans I know.

Thank you for reading this, and I apologize for the forthcoming absence. I hope to return to you all in May with something deserving of your readership.

With much love to all of you,

M. Alden


12 thoughts on “Hold on till May

  1. I had noticed what you are talking about, but you must give yourself credit for being so aware of yourself, true and honest with yourself. Artists, writers – they have to be hyper aware of their mindsets, which can be so fickle sometimes… that you are prioritizing is brilliant. Most of us who read you will wait for more goodies happily.

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    • I appreciate your honest and encouraging comment. It is immensely helpful to know that such kindred spirits like you will wait while life gets sorted out. Many wishes of love and kindness your way.


    • Andrew, I could not possibly forget about you all. In the last four months, I have felt great kinship, acceptance, and hope among your presence in this community. I could not forfeit that for anything!

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  2. It makes perfect logical sense what you have decided to do and I applaud and respect you for making that rational choice. I must also say that there is a part of me that is slightly jealous of your ability to be so sensible at the right time, when you come back in May I want to know what your secret is. Whenever my daily saunter through life becomes a chaotic rollercoaster; I go right to the front and constantly demand that the speed be increased… Faster Faster. It’s kind of exhilarating and I know it’s not the right option but I just can’t seem to find even the smallest amount of sensible anywhere. Do you keep it in a jar and use just little bits at a time? Perhaps I could purchase some from you, although I don’t have any money but I’ll play guitar for you for 17 and half minutes quite gladly…

    I wish you all the best for what you need to achieve between now and the end of the semester and then hopefully your upcoming ‘happy events’ can be even happy happy happier.

    Good luck and don’t worry about the way your poetry is going at the moment, you’ve still got plenty of years to do it. And anyway you must know that periods like this can only lead to you being a better writer in the long term.

    All happenings are good happenings and all is truly for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

    Have fun,
    Take care.

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  3. Best wishes for the success of your work. Thank you for visiting Poetic Oceans..as English for me is a second language I feel honored when my written work is liked and appreciated.Thank you Dear friend

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