I still feel you and all your heat
and light, incandescent wonder
of your face proximate to mine,
tender bed of your chest praying
life into my breast.

I gave you every flame and grace
and traced your limbs with my
lips because dear God I love you,
love you as heliotropes yearn in
a virid stretch toward
the efflorescent cynosure of their existence
love you, you, you as an affront to every
cynicism and doubt transposed
by elders and faith and time.

And beloved, as the last star
sputtered into a frozen mass
as midnight wrinkled twilight’s perfect tapestry
while your shoulders heaved with
two shares of grief

I kissed the remnant light
the pale strobe blessing
me with one more glance at
your silhouette fading
hushed-earth glow under your feet.


18 thoughts on “Fidelity

      • I feel the need to thank you as well. Reading your work has sparked something unnameable in me… I think a sense of remembrance is the closest approximation. I’ll restrain myself from gushing on and on, and actually say thank you. As for the appellation ‘kindred’ … Just so.

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