Self-inflicted paradox

I had a book once
of translucent folios
inscribed with holy words
sibylline intimation
into chosen men
seized by kings
as an auspice of blood and favor

but I burned the prophets
the epistles
the glass mouthpieces
humming with unforetold.
Up in smoke
while I screamed
an anguished jeremiad
to a hazy
voided sky

“You don’t exist!”

At the ashen altar I wept
sifted for
crepuscular hopes
in grey waste.
Found only a perfect mirror
and my
shattered paradox
in thirty silver pieces.


7 thoughts on “Self-inflicted paradox

  1. The capitalization of “Spirit” leads me to think you reference the Holy Spirit, but I’m unsure if you refer to the narrator’s spirit. Especially since, as I understand it, the HS is omniscient and thus incapable of being confused. In either case, thank you for reading.


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