Precipitous Nights

I know you’re reading this and trying
to picture me on sidewalks that
stopped glowing under my feet
a long time ago
to parse the hazy lines obfuscated by
distance and conjecture
but love it’s alright.

I walk the miles and watch the streets
real slow, and turn every few blocks
to make sure my shadow is
street-light black, unobscured by
a tattered sleaze in easy pursuit.
I know how to find my way in the
dark even when that shadow shivers
because don’t you remember,
the sturdy boots on my feet
are from you and you gave me
the know-how to save myself
from all the miscreants hanging on
unknown, unlit street-corners

and I’ll be damned if I ever
get lost under the concrete
and leave you quietly alone.

M. Alden


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