Gannet Hollow

A fire is still going, and burning up the roof
ashes drifting into our hair so we grow old
together, the way we always dreamed
coughing on ruined homes and
breathing in charred rainfall.

Dilapidated cabinets with rust-scabbed
hinges, cracked glass on the other side.
Empty fridge, barely cold.
Half-open pantry with your favorites
still stocked inside, stale and
molded. Still a feast if you eat it quick.

The stairs stained with dog piss and other
unnameable messes under my naked feet
bony rail creaking under my hand, the other
stuffed in my pocket, fingers cold because it’s full of holes.

I push open your door, pressing hard because the
other side is strewn with singed jackets and broken
picture coffins and half-torn smiles. Rumpled
green sheets with unutterable emptiness.
I breathe the moment you threw me down,
one shoe on, crumpled lashes, bra strap
hanging off my shoulder and asked me to stay.
I’m there on the carpet, taking off my
shoe and saying “okay”.

I think somewhere my phone is ringing. On the
bathroom counter, shivering on the marble
smeared with toothpaste and scum.
Blue October ringtone, the one you set
one morning when I wasn’t looking.
Is that you calling? You always said
it was always me.

I curl into your shadows and live a hundred days.
The ashes settle into my lungs.
Slowly the roof burns.


9 thoughts on “Gannet Hollow

  1. Initial reaction to this piece on my part: Dilated pupils, head nods, impolite language in awed tones. On rereading: see initial reaction.

    This is writing to pull the shoulder blades together: full five-sense vivid, turns of phrase to buckle the knees, and seamless.

    Poignant, occasionally heartbreakingly so, and yet (as ever) clear and keen of eye.

    I want to hear this one, out loud in your voice — as is often the case with your work.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Even though you no longer physically visit this house of horrors, I know its memory lays in your thoughts and holds your fears in its grip. I pray for the day when you can set all of it alight and everyone, followers included, can hold your hand and watch its power burn to destruction.

    Liked by 1 person

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