Heretic’s Psalm

Lock our hopes
in profane reliquaries
with precious overlays
of velvet and veneration
an offering past its time.

a meaningful end
in an infinitesimal terminus,
rot-lunged smokers
and prodigal whores
go to otherworldly sleep

singing lullabies
and wine-stained songs

while skyward mysteries
of existential reign.

if we close our eyes
we can ignore the divine
vacancy under the golden lid
and call it holy prayer.


4 thoughts on “Heretic’s Psalm

    • Thank you very much for reading! I’ve not yet submitted to any aside from my university’s literary magazine, but I hope to do so over the summer 🙂


      • Sounds like a good plan. Just remember, most publications will not accept if it’s already “published” on your blog. So save the best ones! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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