Part II (aftercare.)

I celebrate the miracle
hours of equanimity
when I see in shades
of lavender and vermilion
when my lungs trace
the same, sure arc every heave.

Someday these muscles will seize
for the last time
and ghostly visions will pale
I will dance with time even when
it drags slow,
and I will kiss the shadows
because in their caliginous panels
there will be no phantom.

And yet, one day
my neurons will whither
and the edges will melt,
colors running in muddy smears
But I will still be dancing

too enthralled with the spin of the walls
to notice the locks on the door.


4 thoughts on “Part II (aftercare.)

  1. Hi, I would recommend against using words like caliginous and sere which would be classed as ‘archaic’ and therefore out of place in modern poetry. Also sere would seem redundant anyway coming straight after whither.
    The rest is truly excellently written and shows a good understanding of what poetry is meant to be. I look forward to reading more.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful, cogent critique. I have a habit of “collecting” good words, and sometimes inadvertently slip in an archaic term. I will replace ‘caliginous’ once I decide upon a good replacement, and as to ‘sere’, you’re also correct. It sounds less verbose without it anyway. Thank you again!!

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