Unadulterated Bitter

You dress your diatribes like sonnets
and drop them on my tongue so I sputter
on the sickly sweet adjectives
and I’m still choking by the time
the bitter nouns slide down my hacking throat.
In different veins of thought we believe
it will always
be this way: malnourished, malevolent
the unkindness of ravens in your head picking at my scalp.

You sing in slick twists of syllabic melody
and never once have I asked for a different song.
And all along you swear the truth in your arduous
declarations and swear the rest is arbitrary.
What you are saying now in this whole-beat time
is the veracity
so will I please have the rationality
to disregard all of your indecencies?
They were spoken yesterday,
after all.

And suddenly this morning
as well, and crimson life is coursing
out my side, down my legs
too feeble to run, the damning words
in my bloodstream now, poison spreading
with vitriolic haste and hellish intent, and you

you offer me vinegar dripping from a sponge
and I am thinking,

finally, no pretense- your bitterness is the first on my tongue.


I promise happier poems are coming. 🙂


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