I’m scared someone will turn to a page that’s
crumpled in all the wrong places, displaced cadence and
dire syllables in amalgams that are all wrong

If I could draw these lines single-file, neat
imbrications and smiling rhymes, I might be
satisfied- but some turn of thought
always wrinkles the page

Pretension, maybe, but we all have a right
to desire, and the exhilaration of expressed dreams
Alliterative aberrations from the archetypal
don’t suffice:
there’s nothing to be said for broken cliches.


4 thoughts on “Rephrase

  1. In longhand days and nights (which are infrequent now, but not unheard of), I always tore up any rough draft that wasn’t quite right. I suppose there’s something to be said for keeping roughs, but …

    So, yes. This resonates.

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