Sullen gargoyles perch on the other side of sleep
stone eyes that crack the shell of every dream
buttress-wings that cast inky shadows
that dance like frantic tongues.

By midnight I’ll be rotten through
adorned with maggot jewels and yellow sinew sashes
and purple nails curdling as blood bubbles up
to stain our hands new shades of red and sin

Our infinity is in the catacombs
making honest love along the wasted flesh caverns
that groan under our feet
So similar we are, such spitting resemblance-
you wear my stolen eyes
ripped clean from my sockets
The tendon ribbons snap like rusting
The caverns in my face yawn in grotesque
God only knows how
I can see you
But when I do,
a bit of me ensconced in the devil’s face.

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