The Light Down the Hall

When the day has turned her face
and the stars unveil their steady gleam,
he is there.
Listening patiently to every cacophony
of madness
and every chronic heartache.
He knows by the dimness
of the constellations
what heaviness my heart holds.

We are an unlikely cluster
and altogether an iridescent wonder.
Our anguished darknesses
no longer shiver alone-
there burns a new light
in their cosmic shadows.

Thank God
for shifting orbits
and restless stars.
I fear that otherwise
we would never have crossed
living in parallel rooms
and apathetic harmony.

Our jubilant showers of laughter
are the moons reflecting
a greater golden shine,
the cynosure of our meager galaxy.
I forever bless the grace
that drew its luminescence
to our divine proximity.


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